Justine Roland-Cal is a self-taught artist who has been painting for twenty years. She began to make art at a time in her life when the action of expression through painting provided a new direction and form of interaction with the world around her. She has since developed a body of work both figurative and abstract which identifies many aspects of her own life, her daily encounters and her political voice. She makes work that explores very diverse aspects of living. Many of her paintings represent a personal response to what concerns her as a woman and a humanitarian. She has often used found materials such as pieces of wood, discarded doors and large scale canvasses. She has a striking use of colour, which prevails in huge ecstatic canvases of abstract expressionism and insightful documentation.

She began to exhibit in 1994 and since has exhibited in numerous cultural centres and galleries in Paris where she lived for 15 years.
Whilst developing as an artist Justine has worked in diverse areas including street theatre as a clown and fire eater. For three years she worked as an assistant to a fabric buyer at Kenzo in Paris. She was heavily inspired by the exposure to archives of fabrics from all over the world which had been collected since the sixties.
On moving to England she began working on socially motivated projects with homeless and people with dependency problems.

Within the current tendencies of contemporary art Justine Roland-Cal continues to experiment both in her chosen medium of painting and now in black and white photography. Her photography is a collection of spontaneous portraits of unusual characters and street documentation often concentrating on alternative society.

In 2006 she had a major retrospective of her work at Novas Gallery which followed her history of painting through her photography and on site installations.

London Artist Quarter
Waltham Forest Guardian
Detention Action event and report
In my block at the Hackney Gazette


Chats Palace London, UK Solo show Jul-2022
Cafe Petitou London, UK Solo show Jun-2022
Vinyl Heads Gallery Ramsgate, UK Solo show Apr-2021
Chats Palace London, UK Solo show Dec-2020
La Marzocco Shoreditch London, UK Solo show Dec-2019
Red Bull selected photographer from museum of youth archive UK Award Aug-2019
Stoke Newington Library Gallery London UK Solo show 2018
Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow UK Group show 2016
Photomonth, Rich Mix Gallery, Bethnal Green London UK Group show 2015
Lumen Gallery, Kings Cross London UK Solo show 2015
Espacio gallery London UK Group show 2014
Dance and Disobedience, Rich Mix gallery, Bethnal Green London UK Group Show 2013
Bricklane Art Auction, Blackall Studios, Shoreditch London UK   2013
Impact Art fair Brixton London UK   2013
Ephesus, Broadway Market London UK Solo show 2011
Our Space Gallery London UK Group Show 2008
Vyner Street Gallery London UK Group Show 2008
Major retrospective: Paintings, Photography, Installation, Novas Gallery London Bridge London UK Solo Show 2007
Stages Exhibition, Victoria and Albert museum and Hackney Empire collaboration London UK Group Show 2006
Office of Deputy Prime Minister London UK Group Show 2006
Inspired Art Fair International Raw Arts Festival London UK Group Show 2005
Diorama Gallery London UK Group Show 2004
73rd Gallery London UK Group Show 2001
Hidden Art of Hackney London UK Group Show 1999 – 2001
Stoke Newington Festival London UK Group Show 1998 – 2001
Organisation for SOS Racism, Ethnic minorities without papers, Solidarity for Refugees Paris, France Solo Show 1997 – 1998
Gallery Neuilly Paris, France Solo Show 1997
Gallery Renaud Richard Marais Paris, France Solo Show 1996
Hospital Rothchild Paris, France Solo Show 1996
Salon Vitry Paris, France Solo Show 1995
Gallery de Centre Culturel Colombes Paris, France Solo Show 1995
Jazz Festival Theatre Armand Bejart Paris, France Solo Show 1995
International Artists Belfast UK Group Show 1995
Site de Creation Franche Begles, France Group show 1994


Salon Asnieres   1st prize 1995
Salon Colombes   1st prize 1994


Catalogue de la Creation Franche Begles
Big Issue
East End to Valencia By Justine Roland Cal (2015)
Detention Action Publication(2016): Portraits of men who had experienced detention within the UK

Justine is a London based artist and available for commission

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